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Our service offers for the industry

Do you need support for …

     … the investigation of damage cases

– Determination of the causes of fractures and damage
– Analysis of corrosion damage (e.g. defective water pipes)
– Examination of defective welded and brazed joints

     … the performance of material tests

– Tensile and compression tests

– Determinations of Wöhler and creep curves
– Chemical analyses (in particular also hydrogen)
– X-ray diffraction (phase analysis up to 1000°C, texture determination…)

     … mechanical testing of materials under complex conditions

– Component testing
– Crack propagation measurements
– thermomechanical fatigue tests

Do you have any questions …

… on causes of damage

… on material selection

… on test methods

… etc.

Or …

    &nbsp… do you like to conduct research on macroscopic and microstructural material behavior?

– Implementation of longer-term projects (also possible in the form of student research projects, bachelor’s and master’s theses by arrangement)

Then please feel free to contact:

Dr.-Ing. Arne Ohrndorf


+49 271 740 2184

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